Frequently Asked Questions

For Job-Seekers

Initial contact

Our job specifications always include the name of a specific consultant, who is happy to answer your questions and can provide more information about the position. Please be aware, however, that we cannot reveal the name of our client at the initial contact stage.

If we have drawn your attention to an opportunity that may interest you, we will first send you our contact details and a job specification. If you agree that this could be something for you, we would be pleased to receive some more information about you in the form of a CV. We will then invite you to a personal meeting in which we will give you the name of our client and more information about the position. You have plenty of time to make up your mind, and we only pass your profile on to our client when you tell us that you are interested in taking the matter further. This is our guarantee of absolute confidentiality!

In our opinion it is not professional for the same consultancy to offer both recruiting and outplacement services. We only work on behalf of a client.
You are nevertheless welcome to submit your CV. We will then register your profile in our database and get in touch as soon as one of our clients has a vacancy that matches your profile and may be of interest to you.

Generally speaking, yes. We are appointed by our client to find the right person for a given position. You sign an employment contract directly with the company, which in the great majority of cases is a permanent contract of employment.

As we mentioned above; we only work on behalf our clients and so the process entails absolutely no costs to you.


We prefer email applications. In our view this is the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way for both parties to exchange information. If you convert your documents into PDF format then your application will look just as good as an application on paper and is faster for us to process. Please only include file attachments with your application that can be opened on any standard PC.

Of course if you prefer, you can also send us your application by post.

If you want to apply for a job that we have advertised, please send us a complete application pack, which should include a covering letter, your CV and all your professional references.

We appreciate that writing a cover letter requires a certain amount of effort. If you want to apply for a specific position, however, the covering letter gives you an opportunity to describe your reasons for applying in a concise, direct way. You can also demonstrate how your qualifications and personal experience match the job specifications. Please note that a "mail shot" with no addressee and containing no reference to the specific job does not create a positive impression.

We understand that applicants do not want to set a rigid salary limit in the covering letter. Nevertheless, if you give us a rough indication of your desired salary, we can make a rapid assessment of whether it makes sense for both parties to take the matter further. You are welcome to call the project consultant in advance to discuss whether your desired salary is line with our client's agenda.

Your email application will be filed on our database, subject to your consent. If you sent us a file as hard copy we will save your details and return the documents to you.

This enables us to notify you directly if we should happen to have a suitable opportunity in future.

Of course we will also delete all your data at your request.

We will never pass on your data to third parties without your consent!

No! We are members of the BDU and comply with its code of honour. First we have a meeting with you, in which we tell you the name of our client. Only when you have made up your mind and given us the go-ahead do we pass your profile on to our client.

In rare cases we only place an advert for a company and the applications are sent straight to the client. If this is the case it is mentioned explicitly in the job advert, however.


If we invite you to a personal meeting, it will be with one of our consultants. As we know our clients very well, we are well placed to give you information on the company and on the position to be filled.

Generally we will invite you to come to our offices in Bremen or Stuttgart. If our consultants are travelling in your area, we will nevertheless endeavour to take your wishes into account when agreeing on a meeting place.

This is a question that we are often asked. However, as we hope you will appreciate, time reasons alone mean that we cannot hold advance meetings with all applicants. If it appears that your profile could match a future vacancy which is already in the pipeline, however, of course we will try to arrange a meeting.