Frequently Asked Questions

For Companies

The duration of our search depends on various factors and it is therefore not possible to state in advance how long it will take. Specific aspects of the individual position, such as the location or highly specialised professional requirements, also affect the time needed. Realistically, we assume that we can complete the assignment successfully within three to four months.

Our fees are based on the annual remuneration that has been determined for the position and are agreed on formally in advance. Of course we will discuss the salary range with you beforehand and reach a consensus on our fees. As we are members of the German consultancy association BDU, we calculate our fee as a percentage of average annual remuneration. Fees are invoiced in three separate instalments.

Additional costs such as advertisements in print media and online, incidental and travel expenses will be billed separately after consultation. One advertisement on our internet homepage is included in the fee.

If within this period you terminate the employment contract for reasons for which the selected employee is responsible, or if the employee terminates the contract themselves, we guarantee to continue the consultancy assignment free of charge.