Process Chain

For Comapnies

Our work begins in your company. We examine the existing staff potential to assess whether the position can be filled pragmatically and cheaply - with some targeted in-house training for example.

A designated consultant with an experienced team supports you and your human resources management - efficiently and professionally. As "double insiders" we know both the employment market and the company structures. That puts us in an optimal position to bring both sides together successfully!

We draw up a profile of the company and the position and compile the job specifications based on detailed personal discussions with you. This document contains all the information relating to the vacancy to be filled and the profile of the candidate. It is then sent to you for review and approval.

We want you to find the right man or woman for your vacancy. To help you do so, we tell you the best way of going about it.

We approach suitable candidates directly or contact them following initial database and internet research. If necessary we place anonymised adverts in the online job portal StepStone at the same time. Following consultation with you we also publish an advertisement in the relevant print media (trade press).

On request we are happy to take care of coordinating the entire project, including the text and graphic design of the adverts.

Thereafter we examine and screen the applications received and carry out interviews with potential candidates. At the end of this process we draw up a shortlist.

You receive an in-depth report on these individuals, with detailed information about their professional and personal development. This is followed by a first round of presentations, ideally by two to four candidates, to a selection panel of your choice. We are present at these interviews and on request are happy to moderate the discussions.

And you can be absolutely certain of one thing: we will continue to pursue our consultancy assignment until you have selected the right person.

We are dedicated to executive search and recruitment and also to staff development. Our aim is for new people to be motivated to carry out new tasks successfully over the long term.

That is why we believe in permanent dialogue and advise you on the terms of employment contracts or the development of incentive systems. At your request we can also accompany the selected candidate during the agreed trial period.